Stage III Optimization

Part I: Change the Compiler Options First of all I should find the current Compiler Option. [mxu57@aarchie git]$ less Makefile I searched for some key words like "Option" "CFLAG" "Compiler" and get a information my be usefull: Next, I'll try to change "CFLAGS" to "-O3 -Wall" when it compiling. [mxu57@aarchie git]$ make configure [mxu57@aarchie git]$ … Continue reading Stage III Optimization

Stage II Test

Step 1: Get "git" & make "git" [mxu57@aarchie project]$ git clone [mxu57@aarchie git]$ make configure [mxu57@aarchie git]$ ./configure --prefix=/home/mxu57/project/original && make && make install   Step 2: Setup test data I use urandom to create a 100Mb random data file. [mxu57@aarchie test]$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=./100M bs=1M count=100 Now, setup git configuration. [mxu57@aarchie test]$ ../original/bin/git … Continue reading Stage II Test

Stage I Plan

 ( is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an unusually rich command set that provides both high-level operations and full access to internals. In this project, I will work with one of git's function "git commit". "Git commit" can record changes to the repository ( During this progress, an unique ID will be … Continue reading Stage I Plan


This lab is focus on assembler on the x86_64 and aarch64 platforms. Step 1: Copy file from "/public/spo600-assembler-lab-examples.tgz" and unpackage it. [mxu57@aarchie lab4]$ cp /public/spo600-assembler-lab-examples.tgz . [mxu57@aarchie lab4]$ tar zxvf spo600-assembler-lab-examples.tgz Step 2: Build and run the three C versions of the program for x86_64. Take a look at the differences in the code. "hello.c" … Continue reading Lab4

Lab2 – Part II: Build and test glibc

Step 1: Download the source pakeage [mxu57@aarchie partb]$ wget Step 2: Unzip it [mxu57@aarchie partb]$ tar -Jxvf glibc-2.28.tar.xz I found this by using "man" order: [mxu57@aarchie partb]$ man tar | less Step 3:  Install it Before I install glibc, I change one source file to find out my lib will work or not. I … Continue reading Lab2 – Part II: Build and test glibc

Lab2 – Part I: Build an open source software package

GNU Gzip ( Step 1: Download the Gzip package [mxu57@aarchie lab2]$ wget Step 2: Unzip the file [mxu57@aarchie lab2]$ tar -xvzf gzip-1.2.4.tar.gz Step 3: Make it! I read the "INSTALL" in the folder. It tells me to excute the "configure" file, I followed it: But if I run the "install" now, it will be … Continue reading Lab2 – Part I: Build an open source software package